Not satisfied...

/ Monday, November 12, 2012 /
I havent updated for so long... Im having a drawing block lately... No matter what i draw i feel like its ugly, and i dont get satisfied... :( But here i tried to draw something. Just sketching for now. Still gonna finish it later . And Hopefully i'll be able to finish it. Is been so long since i've actually finished a piece. ;_;

Been in love with zombies lately hahaha. So i drew this zombie slayer chick. And ofc. She has to be a hot chick. Doesnt matter she has no cloth, she has to be hot haha. <3

After J-popcon

/ Monday, November 28, 2011 /
I know it have been a while since I've been to J-popcon, but I've been busy with school work. I met many wonderful people to J-popcon this year! And even though I didnt get to attend in many of the event to J-popcon, because I was sitting at artist alley the whole time, I dont regret it a bit! As I said it was my first time. And I earned a bit over So happy! Surprisely some people bought my paintings before I was finished with it, aka I was half finished and they asked to order it. Makes me so happy that people liked it! I will probably be sitting there next year too! :)
Sorry, that I don't update that often!

Thanks for a awesome Convention  

Preparing for J-popcon !

/ Friday, November 4, 2011 /
The 11th I'm gonna sit at artist alley at this Anime convention here in Denmark, called J-popcon. I've been attending to J-popcon for like.. 5-6 years..? This year I went to another convention called Genki, where I worked in the maid cafe, so I thought why not try to be in the Artist Alley this time. So I applied to it. But there's only a few days left! I planned to sells some painting, and pulled out all the old sketches and drawings, that I think is acceptable. I don't know how much I should sell it for, don't know how much I should put out. And all those stuff. I'm so nervous... What if I cant sell anything at all... XD What if people don't want to look at my table at all...?

The good thing is Line is going be sitting beside me at artist alley. She's a really sweet girl! Her manga style is mostly shoujo, but I still really like it. She's just as nervous as me hahaha. Hopefully we both will do good, and have a great time chitchatting with each other.
I'm so excited but extremely nervous!

I used some time today to sketch some on photoshop. Its been a while since I used photoshop... I just remembered that I have to give back the wacom tablet to j-popcon too. So if I don't use it know I wont have the chance to later. The outcome is so so I think... I got distracted at the end from a manga... Lol

Deviantart roleplaying groups...

/ Thursday, November 3, 2011 /
I joined the group called Milizia ( which is a roleplayign group. I thought "it's been a while since I've roleplayed... After all that's how I started meeting with my old manga-fan group (from mangaflip)" So I thought I should join, and draw a awesome character to beat them all. However, I found out i can't roleplay anymore... It makes me so confused, and I wasn't that interested at all... It confused me that some people said it was day, and some said it was night. Some was in school and some was a totally third place...
I sketched down and made the lineart of the character to Milizia before, and i really liked the character... So I decided I wanted to finish her no matter if I join or not.

As you can see I changed side with the armband, hehe. Made a little error n__n"

A new blog born

/ /

I drew them around the same time... I really love drawing portrait'ish pictures... even tho people tell me I should try drying from other poses and views... The one to the left was pretty popular on deviantart. Made me so happy <3

Hello. This blog will become my art blog, but its still under reparation. Ill start off with dropping some arts!
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